First round of Public CSS Token Sell Out
Exchange at UniSwap & Bibox

About ChainBow

What Is ChainBow?
ChainBow is the ecological contributor on the BitcoinSV platform. It has many core protocols that connect blockchain technology to actual demand both online and offline and brings decentralized financial services to users through Token and NFT.
Based on Japan's massive consumer market to the world, it takes blockchain technology as the bottom support and empowers the upper commercial applications.
ChainBow, the real value Internet platform that serves global users.



ChainBow STO

  • CSS will be sold on the secondary market of the exchanges and the company shares the bonus of ChainBow growth with users and supporters
  • 60% of the CFS tokens are converted by Smart Contract and generates 60 million CSS (Cercle Stock Service) utility tokens
  • Foundation stocks are converted to 100 million foundation tokens CFS (Cercle Foundation Share) by 1:1
  • Cercle Foundation Singapore issues 100 million foundation stocks with 10 million USD share price
  • ChainBow Co., Ltd. transfers 20% shares to Cercle Foundation Singapore


Swap & Exchange

Ethereum UniSwap | BitcoinSV ChainBow Swap | Bibox

  • Coming Soon

CSS Incentive

  • In the early stages, the Cercle Foundation Singapore uses ChainBow revenue to repurchase and burn CSS regularly. As the total amount of CSS decreases, the value of CSS continues to increase.

  • Blockchain credits for the ChainBow platform's Defi project tokens and real stores are distributed to token holders through airdrops.

  • Through the ChainBow platform, it provides token holders with liquidity and arbitrage opportunities to invest in Defi.

Team Members

The platform development team comes from Japan's blockchain technology geeks, evangelists, market, and business visionaries. The pursuit of the ultimate technology and products has more than ten years of product development experience. We have obtained the full support of top commercial banks, cornerstone investors, many listed Japanese IT companies, and the blockchain developer community.
  • Long LI

    Founder & CEO

  • Masaya YOSHIKAWA


  • Andy Mao

    Product Manager

  • Gyo

    CTO & Full Stack Developer

  • Xueming Sun

    Co-Founder & Full Stack Developer

  • René Pappelbaum

    UI/UX Brand Design

Angel Investors

  • Jeffery Lei

    Bibox Founder & CEO

  • Fei Xiao Hao

  • Other Investor