About ChainBow

What Is ChainBow?
ChainBow is Japan's first company that uses Blockchain technology to link offline qualified content, and to establish a convenient, rich and more viscous two-way selection platform for consumers and businesses through the tokenized points.
ChainBow is the Yelp + Paypal in Blockchain era
ChainBow, which was born during the war period of mobile payment in Japan, takes the advantage of Blockchain technology as a result of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the Osaka World Exposition in 2025, and the promotion of the Japanese government's cashless society. Through the actual consumption fee business and advertising agency business, it is expected to become a unicorn company with annual profit of 100 million USD and market capitalization of over 1 billion over the next three years.
ChainBow, a valuable O2O platform for global users



ChainBow STO

  • CSS will be sold on the secondary market of the exchanges and the company shares the bonus of ChainBow growth with users and supporters
  • 60% of the CFS tokens are converted by Smart Contract and generates 60 million CSS (Cercle Stock Service) utility tokens
  • Foundation stocks are converted to 100 million foundation tokens CFS (Cercle Foundation Share) by 1:1
  • Cercle Foundation Singapore issues 100 million foundation stocks with 10 million USD share price
  • ChainBow Co., Ltd. transfers 20% stake to Cercle Foundation Singapore


October 24th 2019, listing in 4 exchanges

www.biup.io | www.bitsg.com | www.zbm.com | www.yifei.pro

Valuation Growth

Growth of Users and Stores

CSS Incentive

  • In the early stages, the Cercle Foundation Singapore uses ChainBow revenue to repurchase and burn CSS regularly. As the total amount of CSS decreases, the value of CSS continues to increase.

  • By repurchasing CSS, by the time the last 40 million CSS remain, ChainBow will become a major Internet service platform, and a portion of company revenue will be presented to CSS holders.

  • In the future, Cercle Foundation Singapore will implement STO transformation for many high-quality Japanese companies, and investment opportunities will be provided to all CSS holders with high priority.

Team Members

We are Blockchain geeks, enthusiasts, evangelists, market & business prospectors from Japan. We pursue the ultimate in technology and products and have more than 15 years of experience in product development. There are multiple Japanese listed and unlisted IT companies as the cornerstone investors, and also support from the BlockChain developer community in Japan.
  • Long LI


  • Patrick Zheng


  • Andy Mao

    Product Manager

  • Zhengjiang Yu (Japan)

    CTO & Full Stack Developer

  • Xueming Sun

    Blockchain & Full Stack Developer

  • Yang Lin


  • René Pappelbaum (Germany)

    UI/UX Brand Design

  • Jarvis Cho (Taiwan China)

    Global Strategy Manager

  • Other Developers & Salesperson


Angel Investors

  • Jeffery Lei

    Bibox Founder & CEO

  • Fei Xiao Hao

  • Other Blockchain Influencers

Strategic Investors